Hire traffic cones


Safety cone rental is a great way to go if you need traffic cones for a short amount of time, like safety around a quick construction job, or for an event.

$4 per day, $7 for 3 days, $11 for 7 days. Enquire for longer.

Our road cones for hire are perfect for sports events, traffic control, temporary road works, construction sites and more.

  • Select the number of road cones you need
  • Select the period you want to hire them for
  • Tell us in the delivery notes when you want to pick them up (or have them delivered)
  • If the return time falls on a Sunday, you can return them on Monday morning
  • Pick up from Green Bay, or delivery available (in Auckland only)


All prices incl. GST.

$4 per day (24h period)
$7 per 3 days (72h period)
$11 per 7 days
Enquire for longer periods
We also have extendable barrier arms available for the same hire price

$70 drop off and pick up fee in metro Auckland.
Or you can pick them up and drop them off in Green Bay.

*Returned cones must be in a suitable condition to rent out again.

Additional information

Time period

1 day (24h), 3 days (72h), 7 days