Traffic cones for sale

  • Buy road cones for $41 each
  • NZ made, in Auckland
  • NZTA TTMC/CoPTTM compliant
  • 900mm high hi vis orange traffic cones

Road cones for hire in Auckland

  • $4 per day traffic cone hire
  • $7 for 3 days
  • Great for parking or around construction sites

*all prices incl. GST

The Sunnyside Way

If you’re looking for great value road cone rental or purchase, you’ll find it at Sunnyside.

We supply hi vis cones or pylons for safety, construction and road works, parking and traffic flow. Because you’re dealing with the owner-operator of a family-run traffic cone company you’ll always get quality products and dependable service.

Our traffic cones are made of tough but recyclable PVC.

We’ve been supplying building products since 1966.